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Data Science and Analytics

Predict the future. Increase efficiency and effectiveness. Save time and money with data science predictive analytics to support data-driven decision making and risk management.

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Competitive Intelligence

Create value, innovate, and identify opportunities. Customer analysis, competitor research, market research and product positioning can give you an advantage in the marketplace.

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Create a risk- and data-focused culture. Add in-house data science skills. Learn from an experienced instructor how to effectively use your employees and resources to make data-driven decisions.

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Introducing Velocity Lien Search

Improved UCC Lien Searches for Commercial Asset-Based Lending

Increase Commercial Lending Revenue & Decrease Commercial Lending Risk

Increase Efficiency and Accuracy of UCC Lien Research

Discover how Velocity Lien History Reports increases revenue and decreases risk in asset-based lending by improving UCC lien research.

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Build High Quality Commercial Loan Portfolios

Velocity Lead Generator COMING SOON!

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Linda A. Landon, PhD, ELS, PRC

Co-Founder and COO/CFO

Originally trained as a biomedical research scientist, Dr. Linda Landon earned a PhD in molecular pharmacology and worked in a laboratory for 15 years. With Velocity DataTech, Dr. Landon is able to offer her rare qualifications as a full-stack data scientist and researcher to help businesses, banks and organizations achieve efficiency, effectiveness and gain a competitive advantage.

Dr. Linda Landon
Dr. Linda Landon

Dr. Chris Engelhardt

Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist

As the lead data scientist at CARFAX, Dr. Chris Engelhardt expertly applied data science to solve business problems and add value. Dr. Engelhardt exhibits the rare blend of technical, business and communication skills that is necessary in a lead data scientist whose responsibilities include originating and leading successful data science teams.


We believe that “big data” shouldn’t only belong to “big banks” and “big businesses.”

Velocity DataTech aims to make advanced, strategic data science capacity possible for the small- and medium-sized banks, businesses, organizations and associations of Missouri when they need it.
Now, small- and medium-sized banks, businesses, organizations and associations can enjoy the competitive and regulatory benefits of data science-driven insight, innovation, and risk management by hiring a rare and valuable, experienced data scientist on-demand.

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