A Business Reduces Worker Churn by Demonstrating
that Their Workers’ Wages & Benefits are Competitive.



A client’s business has repeatedly experienced workers quitting and moving to other businesses only to find that their salaries and benefits were better at the client’s business.  Then, the workers have wanted to return to their jobs at the client’s business where they received higher pay and better working conditions.  In the meantime, however, the client has had to train new workers to take the place of the churning workers.

The client wants to use an infographic to reduce churn by showing their current workers how their personal wages and benefits stack up against average wages and benefits both in the client’s home city and in another nearby city.  The client intends that the workers can use the infographic to compare for themselves the value of their personal wages and benefits to the average wages and benefits in the area.


How do I inform my workers of the value of their personal wages and benefits in a way that will convince them to continue to work for my business?


The client’s workers reported that the infographic helped them to discover that their personal wages at the client’s business were higher than average wages for similar workers both in their city and in a nearby city.  The workers reported that the infographic helped them to understand the value of their wages and benefits and to have increased appreciation for the client’s efforts to pay and treat them fairly.


The infographic appears to be effective in educating the client’s workers about the value of their compensation by the client.  There has been insufficient time since the infographic was published to determine if viewing the infographic was associated with a decrease in worker churn.


The client is going to track worker churn over the next season.  Eventually, the rate of churn before introducing the infographic will be compared to the rate of churn after introducing the infographic.  The client is going to conduct exit interviews with all workers who leave for other jobs to determine if wages and benefits are the primary cause for leaving.  The exit interview will contain specific questions about the role played by the infographic in the worker’s decision to leave with an eye to improving it to be more meaningful and useful to the client’s workers.